"I forgave him - but I never forgot what he did. If you’re committed to someone and let another person get close to you, even emotionally, that is a no-no. We may think flirting is healthy, but it depends on how far you take it. That episode taught me a lot, and I swore never to do it to someone else. Stay fully committed and do not allow any gaps in your relationship for someone else to fill. Today social media puts infedelity at our fingertips. I guard myself against facebook by backing off before anything happens. I ignore flirty messages, chats or ‘dangerous’ invitations. Emotional affairs tend to escalate - from chatting to lunch to drinks to… - My relationship is based on trust and I will never break that." - Does Emotional Cheating Count?; If He’s Keeping It A Secret (via thelovewhisperer)


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My day —

-Had a great audition
-Had lunch with my two best friends
-Went to the container store for the first time
-Signed on for a cabaret
-Bought a big pink Lego for a baby shower
-Went to Juice Generation
-Doin a show

Probably getting drinks after…

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Also I’m an audition beast this week.

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Friendliest Starbucks in New York City:

On the corner of 16th and 8th in Chelsea.

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Jason Mraz - Love Someone [Official Music Video] - YouTube

I am in love with some of his new songs on his YES album and I’m buying tickets tomorrow ahhhhhhhh

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My best friend is coming to visit tomorrow.


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…Magical…Belle…Reading… on We Heart Ithttp://weheartit.com/entry/127621706/via/WonderlandsMagic