You know what would solve all of my problems right now?

Being in Edinburgh.

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Princes Street, Edinburgh by KarenMcDonald

So beautiful
"Marry your best friend. Fooling around is fun, but life gets in the way and when it gets hard, you’d wanna be married to your best friend." - One of my customers  (via tinysleeper)

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Following everyone back whos looking for a tumblr boyfriend
Special thanks shout out to #mamallew for bein an all around professional mom 💁
How I spent my day off today #babycanvaslove
Take me baaaaack 😩
Went into Michaels, came out with arts n crafts.  Happy day off :)

I literally cannot believe that one year ago today I was leaving for Europe…

I miss it so so so much.
I’m getting really emotional thinking about Ireland and Scotland…

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